2 Signs of Alcohol Abuse & Addiction | Addictions

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A Second Chance follows Peter’s efforts to beat alcohol addiction, Nicole’s battle with illicit drug use and Joanne’s search for redemption from offences aga…

Alcohol Addiction Definition
“The Dangers of Drugs” booklet launched

2 Signs Of Alcohol Abuse & Addiction | Addictions

Aside from more hardcore drugs like heroin and cocaine, the booklet also addresses other vices which can affect the youth’s health like alcohol and shisha smoking. … The page then gives the World Health Organization’s definition of what is considered …
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In Disregard Of…

2 Signs Of Alcohol Abuse & Addiction | Addictions

I ride on—and a short while later, from a distance away, they come into my line of vision—billboard ads consisting of illustrious fragrances, high definition TV’s and photoshopped personalities plastered ubiquitously. They sell the unattainable …
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Miscommunication and misinformation: Chronic problems with treating chronic

“When that bottle says you shouldn’t operate machinery, it means if you don’t feel yourself, you shouldn’t drive,” he said. Many opioids cause lethargy and dizziness, which could hinder someone’s ability to drive just as much, if not more, than alcohol.
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A controversial and persuasive analysis of addiction

A tour de force, a spectacular effort of research and understanding. This book gives us the courage to bypass disease notions to deal with intrapsychic, family system, and social and culture.