60 Seconds on Internet Addiction in Adolescents

Technology Addiction is a fast growing issue in America today, especially in adolescents. Spend one minute with Dr. Alan Hilfer, a psychologist at Maimonides…

Internet Addiction Effects
Helping web junkies log out: India's first net de-addiction centre

60 Seconds On Internet Addiction In Adolescents

"Internet addiction is no different from alcohol addiction. Both have cravings, can go out of control and have consequences. When treated, patients show withdrawal symptoms like restlessness and irritability," Dr Manoj explained. Those with net …
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Americans Weigh Addiction Risk When Taking Painkillers

The top worry was addiction. About 36 percent of people said addiction best described their concerns. After that, about 30 percent of people were most concerned about side effects. Common side effects with opioids include sleepiness, constipation and …
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