Buprenorphine addiction treatment

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Therapeutic benefits of music being used to treat Alzheimer's, addiction, and

Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment

Anyone who has blasted Arcade Fire before a party can attest to music's transformative powers. But music isn't just a mood-booster: Music therapists use pitch, rhythm, melody and lyrics in specific ways, with the explicit intent of affecting cognition …
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Breaking bad thoughts: How neuroscience could save addicts from relapse

Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment

The next step is to find out what other types of memories—if any—share this property, so that we know exactly what kinds of recall this treatment can target, he says. Courtney Miller, a co-author of the study and a neurobiologist at Scripps, points …
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Health Week: Hillbilly ironies

The plan also vows to create “chronic care centres of excellence” and to expand home care by “promoting more types of care in the home.” What those might conceivably be are unspecified. It also uses standard code … Barriers to adequate pain treatment …
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Group Exercises for Addiction Counseling - Buprenorphine Addiction Treatment
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