Computer Addiction

a project for my college english class.
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Enjoy. By Diana 43677045 (I realised there are some glitches in my video, they did not pop up while editing. I had rendered this before I could try amending …

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World Leaders? Proposal for Winning the War on Drugs: Legalize It!

LONDON ā€” The third gruesome murder of an unarmed hostage was uploaded to the Internet on Saturday night by a group of ISIS terrorists apparently hell-bent on drawing another Western nation into armed battle in the Middle East. The brutal execution …
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Worth Their Wait

Starting with the Michael Watts piece on McLaren and followed by Burchill articles like her iconoclastic demolition job on James Dean as cult hero (written with co-assassin Parsons, a lapsed Dean fan), I started to cut out and keep particularly …
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Cellphone Addiction: Students Spend At Least 8 Hours a Day on Their Mobile

Cellphone activities examined in the study included calling, texting, emailing, surfing the Internet, banking, taking photos, playing games, reading books, using a calendar, using a clock and a number of applications, among them the Bible, iPod …
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