Deborah Schiller | Symptoms of Sexual Addiciton Pine Grove Behavioral Health and Addiction Services in Hattiesburg, Mississippi is known as one of the nation’s most compr…
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How to Argue to Strengthen Your Relationship, 3 of 3

It's not about the kids, money, sex, communication, and so on; it's about fulfilling certain unstoppable inner yearnings you each have to meaningfully connect, to matter in relation to life, your self and one another. Knowing what you want to say, and …
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Criteria for addiction assessment

This category may also include food addictions and sexual addictions in the future. Some treatment resources for behavioral addictions include Gamblers Anonymous, The Center for Internet Addiction, Best Video Game Treatment Centers, Food Addicts …
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What Really is Addiction? Answers in the Bible and Science

The 1950s brought the emergence of the 'disease model' that defined addiction as substance abuse —producing physiological dependence, withdrawal symptoms and the inability voluntarily to stop using despite consequences and danger. The '70s saw the …
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Sex Addicts And Gambling Addicts. Are They The Same?

The psychology behind sex addiction and addiction to gambling throws light on their similarities of both mindset and symptoms. Addiction comes in such a wide variety of baffling forms that it can sometimes seem that any commonality must be superficial.
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