Doctor’s iPhone app diagnoses alcohol withdrawal

A new app developed at U of T can tell whether emergency room patients really do have alcohol withdrawal tremors or are faking it to get valium. We go test i…

I Went Into Menopause at 38

I already wasn't drinking alcohol or coffee; I'd given up chicken and beef and was eating all organic, but I still wasn't feeling good. I knew that I wasn't young, but I didn't think I wasn't producing eggs. And meanwhile my boyfriend is across the …
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Singer Patti LaBelle takes stand in civil trial

The man, former West Point cadet Richard King, has sued LaBelle, her son, the bodyguard and an assistant over what his attorneys have said was an unprovoked attack that left King with brain damage and forced his withdrawal from the service academy …
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Watch out: Cell phones can be addictive

withdrawal (in medicine) An almost disease-like syndrome that can develop after animals (including people) attempt to stop using a drug (including alcohol) to which they have become addicted. Shaking, sweating, trouble sleeping, anxiety, diarrhea …
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to undergo chemotherapy

Prior to Ford's sudden withdrawal from the mayoral race with illness, the 45-year-old had resisted controversy and calls for him to quit, mainly focused around alcohol and substance abuse. At first he had denied the veracity of a video claiming to show …
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Stop Drinking Alcohol - A Practical Guide to Quitting Drinking!: How to Become Alcohol Free and Stay That Way Forever!
Do you want to stop drinking alcohol? Are you sick of waking up with yet another hangover? Do you fear your children growing up and following in your footsteps? If you want to quit drinking for good, but don’t know where to start, this book is for