Drug Addiction : How to Help a Friend Through Opiate Methadone Detox at Home

Methadone detox at home is something that will not be comfortable, and several withdrawal symptoms will be experienced. Help a friend detox at home from meth…
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Drug Addiction Symptoms
Study Shows Autistic Symptoms (But Not Autism Diagnosis!) Increases Substance

Generally, people on the autism spectrum tend to be personally cautious and socially withdrawn. As you would expect, previous research shows that people with autism tend to have low rates of substance abuse – the preference for low risk and avoidance …
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With opening of Anchorage clinic, two for-profit businesses now provide

Drug Addiction : How To Help A Friend Through Opiate Methadone Detox At Home

Before CRC Health moved in, addicts in the city had one option for methadone treatment — an inundated state-funded facility downtown called Narcotic Drug Treatment Center, Inc. About 20 names currently sit on the nonprofit's wait list, all looking to …
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The paradox of Iran's war on drugs and its progressive treatment of addiction

Drug Addiction : How To Help A Friend Through Opiate Methadone Detox At Home

As a number of countries begin to slowly reconsider their approach towards illicit drugs, following the avant-gardiste move of José Mujica's Uruguay, the issue of drugs and treatment of drug abuse might be one where Iran could provide some meaningful …
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