Freshman S+L internet addiction article Wk 11 Spring 2014 Aft Jack S0241014

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Research Links Piracy to Internet Addiction and Deviant Friends

Freshman S+L Internet Addiction Article Wk 11 Spring 2014 Aft  Jack S0241014

With a large survey Navarro and her colleagues investigated the link between piracy, internet addiction and deviant tendencies. The results were published in an article titled “Addicted to pillaging in cyberspace: Investigating the role of internet …
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Internet Addiction Changes the Brain

If you are a gamer or tied to the video gaming industry, you won't like this report given to the American Psychiatric Association's 2014 Annual Meeting. It has to do with a review of 13 published articles that look at Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD …
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Without WiFi, Life Would End (aka Teen Internet Addiction)

Note: This article and the opinions expressed here are from Russ Warner, Internet safety expert and CEO of ContentWatch, makers of parental control software Net Nanny. Follow Russ Warner on Google+. Follow Russ Warner on Twitter: …
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