Georgia teen brings eco-message to Rochester

Georgia teen brings eco-message to Rochester
Local Sierra Club official Margie Campaigne, who is helping chaperone Orgbon while he's here, first encountered him on the Internet a while back and helped edit a document he'd written. … "We've become addicted to single-use plastics. We use things …
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One Thousand 'Likes,' No Friends: 5 Times to Put Down Your Phone and Save
The filmmakers interviewed young men in recovery at the ReStart Internet and Technology Addiction Recovery Program. If there is anyone out there in the world who still wonders if technology is addictive, please find a way to see this film. I …
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Technology offers solution to loneliness among elderly
I was able to go on-line, take a tour of its almost forgotten rooms and have a detailed email conversation with her about the changes she plans. In fact the internet could have been designed precisely for the old and infirm. It doesn't matter if they …
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