Internet Addiction Facts

Let's Have a Dialogue
Presented with a Chromebook computer, he becomes addicted to Googling, and enrolls in online courses to brush up on neuroscience. It's diverting to speculate on which aspects of the Internet would be embraced by time-traveling ancient thinkers …
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Horror from home
With the new media and the surfeit of web or internet radios in Ghana, coupled with about 3,000 radio stations operating in the country's airwaves, most of them FM stations (the Greater Accra Region accounts for 39 of them), Ghanaians are generally …
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'Last Mile' program tries to make convicts tech savvy
SAN QUENTIN — Eddie Griffin went to state prison in the '90s, after his cocaine addiction led him to three possession convictions — qualifying him for a penalty of 25 years to life under a now-defunct section of California's three-strikes law. He was …
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