Is Addiction a Choice? Faculty Insight with Gene Heyman

Is addiction a choice? Faculty member Gene Heyman thinks so. Heyman discusses his controversial book, “Addiction: A Disorder of Choice,” with interviewer Jen…
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Causes Of Addiction Psychology
Experts and activists outline porn's effect on love relationships

Ana J. Bridges, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Arkansas in the United States, has done 12 years of research on the effects of viewing pornography. Bridges, who is in Taipei for an international forum on … A former porn …
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Experts, activists outline impact of porn on relationships

Ana J. Bridges (left), an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Arkansas, Sun Chyng-feng (second right), a clinical associate professor at New York University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies, and Wilbert Weerd (second …
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Is Addiction A Choice? Faculty Insight With Gene Heyman
This groundbreaking volume synthesizes the results of the Virginia Adult Twin Study of Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders, which yielded longitudinal data on more than 9,000 individuals. The authors trace how risk for depression, anxiety, eatin