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You Can't Trust The Supreme Court, Science Proves It!
Another study co-authored by psychologist-turned-political consultant Drew Westen found that the brains of strong partisans — whether Democratic or Republican — actively resist information that is unflattering to their party's presidential candidate …
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Evidence Shows Bipolar II is as Disabling as Bipolar I – For Different Reasons
I research natural ways of reducing the chance of depression, I eat well, I'm trying to exercise-ugh/I was once an exercise addict for most of my life! How, one can change? …. Even the psychologist who diagnosed me made me feel like I shouldn't feel …
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THE DISINHERITED: Edwin Valero 1981-2010
In the ring, Edwin Valero was riveting, and the strange quality that defined his style–an uncommon cruelty–was couched strictly in boxing terms throughout his career. Now we can say it, … But his ferocity between the ropes was also a psychological …
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