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Digital Protections in the Snowden Age

The decision by Roberts is a laundry list of applications that a modern phone can contain, be it apps that deal with a gambling addiction, those dealing with romance in life, or any other marked app for the moment. Indeed, the Chief Justice goes so far …
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How Halston Became Halston

He also kept a list of designs on the wall that he claimed Halston had stolen from him, everything from his figure-eight skirt to a ribbon cape. Charles … He was discovered by his assistant, Homer Layne, lying on the bed in his boxer shorts and dirty …
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A Sons of Anarchy Actor's New Novel, Inspired by His Own Addiction

Recovery From Addiction

The list of writers he admires includes poet Anne Sexton and hip-hop artists Raekwon, Ghostface Killah and UGK – any artist attuned to the sound of the words and a lyrical economy. "I'm trying … In tackling criminal types, Wong, 37, believes he's hit …
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“Cast Out those who willfully sin…”

It is not like all churches should be going over a weekly list of who may need to be cast out or that certain types or groups be handed over to Satan. … The person becomes aware of their addiction, their sins, by identifying the same in him- or herself.
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1907 Vintage Ad Keeley Cure Alcoholism Drug Addiction - Original Print Ad - Recovery From Addiction
This is an original 1907 all-text black and white print ad for The Keeley Cure for liquor and drug using, with a list of Keeley Institutes in the U.S., Canada, and London.

Price: $ 43.95