Ryan: Florida Drug Addiction Rehab Success Story – Inpatient Rehab

Ryan shares his story of recovery from drug addiction to sober living. The program at Boca Raton inpatient recovery house Boca House provided him the tools n…
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Drug Addiction Stories
Addiction Battled Ambition For Reporter Caught In D.C.'s Crack Epidemic

Ryan: Florida Drug Addiction Rehab Success Story - Inpatient Rehab

And, it turns out, it was having an impact on Castaneda as well — he was a crack addict who bought drugs on the very streets he was covering as a crime reporter. He had come to Washington from Los Angeles for his dream … When asked if he stands by …
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Canadian pills allegedly travel long-distance

A drug-abuse researcher said data supplied by users pointed to evidence of Canadian pills in 11 states. They were reportedly purchased 39 times in various pockets of the country, with the most concentrated cluster centred in New Mexico and surrounding …
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Father recounts daughter's recovery quest

There are so many Brenda Hamiltons of other names out there. They all have their stories and accompanying pains. Drugs are an equal opportunity destroyer. After all, addiction knows no geographical, economical, race, religion, creed, age or whatever …
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