Ryan Leslie Makes “Addiction”

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Former GOP lawmaker, a friend of John Boehner, says Tea Party is run by a

The word “grifter,” if you don’t know, is defined as a con artist or swindler. It’s not a word you would expect a Republican politician to apply to members of his own party. But that’s exactly the case in THIS ESSAY by former Republican Congressman …
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Why don’t cool, young filmmakers create ethnically diverse movies?

As The New York Times’ Manohla Dargis points out, Palo Alto’s characters “aren’t the tireless achievers cramming for tests and preparing for college” but “the anxious children who have – since the likes of Holden Caulfield and James Dean’s rebel …
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‘This Is A Congress That’s Really Doing Nothing,’ Says NYT Reporter

But earlier in the year, that same law professor had actually written an essay saying it’s never going to work because Congress doesn’t have standing, meaning Congress can’t show that it was personally hurt by a delay in the implementation of the …
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