The Allure of Shopping

T. R. U. T. H (Telling Reality Underneath The Heavens)…Visit: and support the cause. Omniomania, compulsive shopping (or what’s m…
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Causes Of Addiction And Impulse Control Disorders

Mental health: A road map for suicide research and prevention

Suicide is one of the three leading causes of death in the economically most productive age group — those aged 15–44 years — and rates have risen since the economic crisis triggered by the banking crash in 2008 (see 'Suicide rates in Europe'). For …

Five observations made while gambling with my mother and sister in the saddest

The Allure Of Shopping

Thursday's trip was an eye-opening journey into what predispositions and genetics can cause when the right environment exists. I took $ 200 to play with and, even … In just the past few years, psychologists have officially classified gambling as an …