“To alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.”


How Is Yoga Beneficial to People on a Path of Recovery From Addiction?

I come from a background of severe drug addiction (alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, freebase, heroin) and now have over 23 years of continuous recovery. My entry point …. Indeed, addiction causes a powerfully negative form of mind fluctuation or disturbance.
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Guest Column: Amendment 2: Just say 'no'

Its unlikely current marijuana users will change their minds, often unaware of the risks they place upon themselves and others. … Is alcohol bad for you,…yes, but less so than Marijuana! … Is it really better then to prescribe highly addictive …
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Teen weed use linked to long-term problems

"It simply shows that teens who are prone to developing these problems are more likely to have used marijuana." "Nobody wants teens to use marijuana, but it's quite clear that it poses far less harm to the consumer and to others than the abuse of …
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Alcoholism: Its Cause and Cure from the Viewpoint of Science of Mind
Reprint of 1941 edition. This essay represents an understanding of Alcoholism from the viewpoint of The Science of Mind movement. Holmes’ outlines the understanding of alcoholism from this perspective, as well as the treatment he advocates. He prov

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